Community shops bid still on the cards

City Learning Centre (CLC) on Grange Park
City Learning Centre (CLC) on Grange Park
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Town hall chiefs are moving ahead with proposals to extend the use of a community hub in Blackpool.

It has been agreed officers should proceed with submitting a planning application for alterations to be made to the City Learning Centre (CLC) on Grange Park.

Demand can be met by one wing, with the other being converted to other uses

The executive decision also authorises officers to enter into negotiations with potential tenants and to investigate further the potential borrowing requirement which will be needed to fund the development in the short term.

Once this has been done a report will be made back to the council’s executive committee Proposals to put retail units in the CLC on Dinmore Avenue have already been revealed because the Cherwell Centre and Chepstow Road shops are also earmarked for redevelopment.

The latest council report says: “The City Learning Centre was built in two wings around a central hub.

“One wing contains the local library and a number of meeting rooms, while the other wing contains more meeting rooms, conference room and an audio-visual studio.

“The use of the meeting rooms has declined to such an extent that the demand can be met by one wing only, with the other wing, fronting onto Dinmore Avenue, being converted to accommodate other uses such as retail premises.

“Initial discussions have taken place so as to establish both the level of rent that can be expected and also the level of expenditure needed to carry out the conversion work, with the resultant appraisal demonstrating that, as a stand-alone development, there would not be enough profit in the scheme to attract external funding.”

But the scheme, which would require planning permission, could be viable through council borrowing.