Compensation call over gas pipe damage

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Fylde MP Mark Menzies has spoken of his outrage after thousands of homes and businesses in rural Fylde were left without gas.

National Grid staff were called last Friday to help fix issues affecting close to 1,000 homes in Great Eccleston, Little Eccleston and Elswick after a gas main was damaged as part of a £1.3m road widening project at Windy Harbour, in Singleton.

Mark Menzies - Fylde MP

Mark Menzies - Fylde MP

The pipe, which supplies gas to all three villages, was damaged by a digger excavating the ground, leaving homeowners without power and forcing them to use electric heaters and hot plates.

Mr Menzies has written to National Grid’s chief executive for answers and to question what compensation might be available to businesses which lost revenue as a result.

He said: “On Monday, I 
contacted the National Grid who informed me that all properties had been visited and the majority of the 1,000 homes and businesses affected had been reconnected.

“I have also asked what compensation may be available to those businesses in the area which lost revenue due to the outage.”

National Grid is keen to stress that while they are sorry for any inconvenience caused, the gas main was damaged by Highways Agency workers and not by workers from the company.

A spokesman for National Grid said: “While we are sorry for the inconvenience caused, staff members from as far away as London worked from 7am to midnight to try get people reconnected after it was damaged by no fault of our own.

“However, properties 
using gas for domestic 
purposes only, will be entitled to £30 for every complete 24-hour period without gas and properties using gas for non-domestic purposes 
only (eg shops), will be entitled to £50 for every complete 24-hour period without gas up to the point at which we first visited the property to re-connect the supply.”