Composer Nathan has Hollywood in sight after score-writing film fantasy

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A Fylde musician has just 
finished his latest work – composing the score for a budget Asian horror film.

Nathan Connelly, of Headroomgate Road in St Annes, was asked to write the music for vampire movie Rigor Mortis, produced by the director of cult horror hit The Grudge, Shimizu Takashi.

Thirty-three-year old Nathan, who has been writing music since he was 15, said a bizarre series of events led to his inclusion as the film’s music composer: “It started as a hobby but in recent years I’ve been working for companies and on contracts, but never a major film.

“A good friend of mine had been living in the UK for a while before she returned to Hong Kong.

“A few months after she returned to China, it turned out her new boyfriend was Juno Mak, who is a massive Chinese pop star and was about to make his debut directing a film.

“She recommended me to him and I sent him some samples, which he liked and next thing I knew I was writing the score.”

Nathan, who lives with partner Amy, travelled to Hong Kong in March to finalise the music and hopes to head back in September for the film’s premiere.

He added: “I travelled out there for eight or nine days work. It was very intense but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

“The film is now in final editing and I hope to head out for the premiere in the next few months.”

Following Nathan’s success, he has now secured a five-film contract with Kudos Films to compose music.

“It’s amazing really and it’s something I never expected to happen.

“From doing this work I’ve managed to generate more work and I can’t wait to get started. I’m not sure about Hollywood, but who knows, it could be the next step.”