Concern over mystery foam

Silt in the sea at Anchorsholme
Silt in the sea at Anchorsholme
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Walkers were baffled by the appearance of a mysterious substance floating in the water off Anchorsholme’s coastline.

The substance, which resembled a thick, brown foam, reportedly covered the water’s edge from Cleveleys to Fleetwood last Thursday, and made a return on Tuesday at around 4pm.

Jubilee Coun Rob Fail

Jubilee Coun Rob Fail

Cleveleys resident Bob Norton, who reported the incident to Wyre Council, said: “There were hundreds of ‘floaters’ on the water varying from the size of a golfball to the size of footballs. They were floating well above the surface of the water.”

“Hundreds of people were looking at it. They couldn’t figure out what it was.”

Wyre Council officers at the scene reported a “tacky substance” which “has the visual appearance of foam”.

The council later confirmed the floating substance was silt, which spilled into the water as a result of a large excavation at Anchorsholme as part of the work to improve sea flood defences along the coast.

Hundreds of people were looking at it. They couldn’t figure out what it was

A Wyre Council spokesman said: “It was visible on the surface of the water last week because the conditions were calm but has now dispersed.”

She added that the silt was a natural occurence.

Wyre councillor for Jubilee ward Rob Fail said: “It is thought the floating material came about as a result of the sea washing into the excavation undertaken by Balfour Beatty.

“It is my belief that Balfour Beatty should provide a formal statement about the incident.”

Balfour Beatty were yesterday unavailable for comment.