Couple say £4k drugs haul was for baking into cookies to ease pain

A couple have appeared in court over a £4,000 haul of drugs found in their home.

Saturday, 17th December 2016, 11:36 am
Updated Sunday, 18th December 2016, 1:14 pm
Preston Crown Court

Preston Crown Court heard how Joshua Thompson, who suffers various medical problems, had baked the drug into cookies in a bid to control his pain.

But he also admitted supplying the drug to two women he had met at his pain clinic and a man his wife knew.

Mr Thompson was given six months in prison, suspended for 18 months, after admitting supplying cannabis on the basis he only supplied to three people, over no more than 12 months, on less than 10 occasions each.

His wife, Kelly Ann Thompson, who recently gave birth to the couple first child, a daughter, admitted possession of cannabis, and was sentenced to a rehabilitation activity.

In statement she had said her husband would use cannabis to bake cookies.

Prosecuting, Claire Larton, said: “The circumstances date back to September 2015. At that time police attended the home address of both defendants on Clifton Drive, St Annes.

“That attendance was in the early hours of the morning in respect of arresting Joshua Thompson for unrelated matters. The property was searched and a quantity of cannabis plant matter together with snap bags and weighing scales were found. She told the court the cannabis was examined, was found to weigh 306.3g, and had a potential street value of £4,380.”

The court heard phone messages associated with drug dealing were found on his phone, one referring to “half an ounce of nectar”.

Thompson said he believed he would be “helping them out”.

He had argued the dealing was “sporadic” and that he made no more than £1,000, which he spent on drugs for his own use.

Defending him, Paul Humphries told the court he suffered asthma, diabetes, eczema, bowel problems, arthritis, digestion problems, and nerve pain. He added: “It’s a significant list of medication, he has significant health problems. The use of cannabis at the time of this offence was for help with pain relief.”

“ Two of the people he supplied to he met at the pain clinic they all attended. It’s not so much his financial gain.”

Tom Lord, defending Mrs Thompson, said: “She is not a stupid lady.

“It’s regrettable throughout the course of her life here have been passing occurrences with drugs. Since the recent birth of their first child there has been a change in their attitude towards what is important.

“She presently cares for not only the baby but also her co-defendant Mr Thompson.”