Crash at Fylde '˜danger' junction sparks urgent action plea

A county councillor has demanded an investigation after a collision at a notorious Fylde junction left three people injured.

Wednesday, 2nd August 2017, 4:00 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:23 pm
The crash scene on St Leonards Road, St Annes.

Three vehicles, one of which ended up on its side, were involved in Saturday’s smash at St Leonard’s Road, St Annes, where it meets St Davids Road North.

The junction has been the scene of many accidents over the years, including a near-fatal collision in August 2014.

A flashing stop sign, along with other markings, was introduced last year in a bid to improve safety.

County Coun Peter Buckley

County Coun Peter Buckley, who represents the area at County Hall and was a key mover behind the new markings, said: “I am very concerned that another serious accident has occurred at this dangerous junction.

“I have contacted both the Lancashire Constabulary Traffic Management Team and Lancashire County Council Highways for an assessment of how the collision occurred.

“It may be that further safety measures are now required, and I eagerly await an update from the police and Highways.

Fylde and St Annes town councillor Tony Ford said: “The various measures taken to find an engineering solution to the problems have had limited success although the ‘flashing warning light’ installed after pressure has meant the junction has remained accident-free for quite a considerable period of time.

County Coun Peter Buckley

“I am surprised that there haven’t actually been more accidents caused by drivers being unable to gain a clear view of the road in either direction due to illegally parked vans and cars. There is probably a need for the various road markings to be repainted as they are beginning to fade and so have less impact in drawing a driver’s attention to the hazard ahead.”