Creepy crawlies need love and attention too

Popular wildlife and children's TV presenter Lizzie Daly joined forces with SeaLife Blackpool to spearhead a campaign to tackle the growing issue of exotic pets being discarded.

Friday, 30th June 2017, 12:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:52 am

The focus of the campaign is to discourage people from buying exotic and unusual pets that they can’t look after and end up dumping.

As part of the project, SeaLife unveiled a new display, featuring an array of creepy crawlies, such as Giant African land snails; hissing and death head cockroaches; praying mantis and giant grubs, in the Rainforest area, which features tropical fish and creatures.

The aim is to encourage people to come and see exotic creatures close up rather than having them as pets.

It follows a surge in unwanted exotic and unusual pets being dumped by owners, who are no longer able to look after them.

SEA LIFE is frequently contacted by people asking if they can take an unusual pet or exotic creature.

The campaign aims to encourage children to, in turn, encourage their parents about responsible pet ownership to avoid unwanted creatures being dumped.

Lizzie shared her love of exotic creepy crawlies with three-year-old Teddy Stein at the launch.