‘Cretins’ and ‘morons’ wreck collection box

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Vandals who damaged a collection box at a Fylde Spitfire memorial have been accused of ‘disrespecting the dead’.

Parks officers at Fairhaven Lake were stunned to discover the decades-old collection box, made from a former bomb, had been badly damaged by vandals – just four weeks before the Spitfire Memorial is officially opened to the public.

Lee Townsend, fund manager of the project, said: “It is obvious that someone has kicked and kicked at the tail fin of the bomb until it has given way.

“This just epitomises and demonstrates the lack of respect for anything and anyone in society today. These brainless cretins and morons have no respect for our war dead and no respect for this memorial. To try and understand the mentality of someone, that if they had a brain cell would be a plant, is impossible. I would love to stand in front of them and simply ask why?”

The damage caused to the box is valued at several hundred pounds and comes just weeks before the memorial officially opens on June 21.

The dedication ceremony for the memorial will be two days before the 71st anniversary of the shooting down of Lytham St Annes’ Spitfire W3644 and the loss of Sgt Alan Leaver-Ridings.