21 points... and yet still no road ban

Motorists with 12 points on their license are still driving
Motorists with 12 points on their license are still driving
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Experts today slammed the motoring penalty system which has allowed a Fylde coast motorist to rack up 21 points on their driving
licence... but avoid a ban.

Judges can disqualify a driver who reaches 12 penalty points in three years, but latest figures from the DVLA show one person has nearly twice that many.

The law-flouting driver, from the Lytham/St Annes FY8 postal area, is closely followed by a Blackpool motorist whose licence is still active despite clocking up 18 points.

On the Fylde coast, more than 14,000 drivers have amassed a total of 55,000 points between them on active licences.

Of those drivers, 59 currently have 12 or more points to their name.

Simon Best, chief executive of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, said: “The DVLA must rapidly overhaul their systems and working relationships with the courts to ensure that the whole principle of 12 points and you are off the road is not undermined.

“The police and the motoring public need to have confidence that those caught speeding or breaking other motoring laws will be dealt with equally.”

A spokesman for the DVLA said: “Our role is as a record keeper. The courts decide if a driver should be disqualified.”

An HM Courts and Tribunals Service spokesman said: “The vast majority of drivers who get 12 or more penalty points are fined and disqualified from driving. Magistrates can use their discretion to not enforce a driving ban if doing so would cause exceptional hardship, such as losing a job or the ability to care for a dependent. A fine will still be enforced.”


Court has power to let offenders keep driving

The 21 points one Fylde coast motorist has clocked up on their driving licence may be worrying but it is no record.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists claims that goes to a Liverpool man from who has avoided a ban despite having 45 points to his name.

The law means any driver with 12 or more points faces a ban but the decision lies with a court, who can take mitigating circumstances into account.

Across the country, it is thought some 7,300 people are avoiding bans for hitting the 12-point limit.

Depending on the offence, points will stay on a driver’s licence for four or 11 years.

The DVLA said in some cases drivers can serve their ban but still have the points show up on their licence.

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