Bar owner blasts '˜scumbag' caught on camera nicking his wallet as he gets ready to open up

A bar owner has branded an opportunist thief a '˜scumbag' who '˜deserves to be locked up'.

Tuesday, 15th August 2017, 3:51 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:48 pm
Police said they are looking to speak to this man about a wallet theft at The Craft House in Lytham

Chris Brown’s wallet was pinched from a back room at The Craft House, on Clifton Street, Lytham, while the 36-year-old was preparing to open. But a CCTV camera picked up a man who appears to sneak round a corner and take it while talking on his phone.

Footage from the incident, at around 11.30am on Tuesday, August 8, has been handed to police, who want to speak to the man shown.

“I noticed my wallet was missing about 20 minutes after it happened,” he said. “I thought I had dropped it and turned the place upside down.

Chris Brown, who had his wallet stolen from the rear of his bar

“I thought I’d check the CCTV and find out what I had done with it – I thought I might have seen myself put it somewhere. But instead I saw this guy. I think he’s a scumbag and a coward. He deserves to be locked up.”

Mr Brown, who lives in North Shore, has been up and running for around a year, and said this is the first incident of its type to happen at his bar.

He said the door was left ‘ajar’ as he was busy getting ready to open.

The CCTV footage, which has been posted on social media sites, has had thousands of views.

Chris Brown, who had his wallet stolen from the rear of his bar

It shows a man wearing a blue shirt approaching the bar with his jacket under his arm and his hand to his ear.

He appears to peek round a corner into a back room after realising he is alone, where he spots the wallet.

“I did not know he was there,” Mr Brown added.

Police are investigating the incident and have asked anyone with information to get in touch.