Blackpool: From the courts 24-01-17

Here is a round-up of some of the cases at Blackpool Magistrates Court

Tuesday, 24th January 2017, 6:00 am
Blackpool Magistrates Court.

Christopher Dixon, 24, failing to stop

A motorist has admitted being responsible for a hit and run accident in which a man was injured in Singleton.

Christopher Dixon, 24, of Pheasant Wood Drive, Thornton, pleaded guilty to failing to stop after an accident on November 8 in which a man was injured.

He also admitted driving a Mercedes A180 carelessly on Garstang Road and failing to report an accident.

The court was told a relation of Dixon’s had just been rushed to hospital and he had to go there urgently.

Dixon was bailed for sentence at a later date.

Richard Barry, 31, drunk and disorderly, obstructing police and breaching a suspended prison sentence

A police constable sustained a dislocated shoulder when he and two other officers grappled with a drunk.

Richard Barry resisted as the officers tried to arrest him and in the struggle they all fell through some protective barriers.

Barry, 31, of Kincraig Place, Bispham, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly, obstructing police and breaching a suspended prison sentence imposed for an offence of wounding.

He was sentenced to a 56 days curfew from 8pm to 6pm and ordered to pay £200 compensation to the officer with £85 costs.

The judge told him: “An officer who was trying to do his duty went to work unhurt and went home with a shoulder dislocated, which kept him off work and cost him money.

“He was doing no more than protecting and looking after people, including you.”

Prosecutor, Adrian Hollamby, said police saw Barry on The Strand after he had been ejected from Walkabout by doorstaff on October 29 about 12.20am.

Barry became aggressive with doorstaff and was asked a number of times by officers to move away, but he refused.

Barry told officers: “I know the law, you can’t do nothing.”

The constable was injured as officers tried to handcuff Barry and he pulled away.

The injured officer was taken to hospital for x-rays and treatment. In a victim impact statement read to the court the officer said he had suffered problems with ligaments and tendons for which he needed prolonged physiotherapy.

He was unable to work over Christmas and lost money.

Brett Chappell, defending, told the judge that Barry said he had been assaulted and he approached the officers to tell them about it, but because he was drunk he did not make a complaint in the correct way. He had now cut down his drinking.

Michelle Toth, 31, burglary

A woman broke into a room at Blackpool’s The Park House Hotel and stole a woman’s purse and it’s contents.

Michelle Toth, 31, of High Street, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to burgling the hotel room on August 31 last year.She was bailed to appear for sentence at Preston Crown Court on February 1.

Kurt Jones, 27, robbery

A man accused of robbing a cafe worker while holding a shard of glass to her throat has made his first appearance at court.

Kurt Jones, 27, of Wilton Parade, North Shore, is charged with robbing the cafe worker of £20 and threatening her with a piece of glass as an offensive weapon.

The offences are alleged to have taken place at The Cuckoo’s Nest cafe and tearoom, Dickson Road, Blackpool, on January 20.

Prosecutor, Adrian Hollamby, said the case must be heard at crown court. Defence lawyer, David Charnley, said his client had indicated he would plead guilty to the robbery charge and did not ask for bail.

Jones was remanded in custody to appear at Preston Crown Court on February 22.

Tracy Parkinson, 42, fraud

A woman accused of using another woman’s contactless bank card in two Blackpool shops has appeared at court.

Tracy Parkinson, 42, of Eaves Street, North Shore, pleaded not guilty to two offences of fraud.

Her case was adjourned to March 23 for trial.

Jason Phillips, 47, theft

A manstole meat and alcohol in raids on two shops on the Fylde Coast.

Jason Phillips, 47, of Cheltenham Road, North Shore, pleaded guilty to theft of meat and vodka valued at £108 from a Co-op on January 19.

He also admitted stealing four packets of bacon costing £14 from Blackpool’s Esso garage on January 21.

Phillips was remanded in custody for sentence.

Callum McDonough, 18, possessing heroin and crack cocaine with intent to supply drugs

A teenager said to have had drugs for supply in Lytham and St Annes has made his first appearance at court.

Callum McDonough, 18, of Baileys Lane, Halewood, Liverpool, pleaded not guilty to possessing heroin and crack cocaine with intent to supply the drugs on May 26.

McDonough was bailed to appear at Preston Crown Court on February 22.

Jenny Taylor, 48, child’s truancy

A woman accused of knowingly failing to ensure a child’s regular attendance at school has appeared at court. Jenny Taylor, 48, of Cambridge Road, Blackpool, had her case adjourned for further evidence.

Tracey Miller, 40, allowing a child to play truant

A woman allowed a child to play truant from a schoolin Blackpool.

Tracey Miller, 40, of The Saw Mills, Blackpool, was not present at court but pleaded guilty by letter to failing to ensure a child’s regular attendance at school.

She was fined £40 with £120 costs and ordered to pay £30 victims’ surcharge. Nicola Morgan, prosecuting for Blackpool Council’s Education Department, said the case concerned a 14-year-old child who was a pupil at Blackpool’s Aspire Academy.

Between August 31 and December 6 last year that child attended 106 times out of a possible 118 occasions and had an overall attendance record of 89.8 percent.