Blackpool: From the courts 16-02-17

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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Here is a round-up of some of the cases at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

Steven Coram, 46, breach of restraining order

A former Royal Marine who became besotted with a girlfriend he met on a swingers site has been jailed.

Steven Coram repeatedly stalked his ex after they broke up and contacting her again after seeing she had posted messages on the Fab Swingers site.

Coram, who had breached a restraining order which banned him from any contact with his ex for the fifth time, was told by District Judge Jeff Brailsford: “Your breaches were deliberate and flagrant.

“You need to move on.”

Coram, 46, of Central Drive, Blackpool, pleaded guilty to two offences of failing to comply with the terms of a restraining order.

He was sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment, ordered to pay £115 victims’ surcharge and put on a new two year restraining order which prohibits him from contacting his ex or following her.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said Coram had breached his restraining order when he made 10 calls to his ex’s home phone and two calls to her work phone.

The couple’s relationship had started in July last year but Coram’s partner had ended it saying he was physically, emotionally, sexually and financially abusive to her.

Coram had been jailed twice previously for breaching the restraining order, last being released from prison on February 3.

The prosecutor said his ex: “Now believes it will only end if she or he is dead. It is having a massive impact on her life both at home and work.”

Suzanne Mugford, defending, said by her own admission Coram’s ex had said she him on several occasions after the restraining order was made.

One time Coram went on the Fab Swingers website and on seeing messages posted on the site from his ex his judgement got the better of him and he contacted her.

The most recent times Coram broke the order he had been drinking and foolishly phoned her her after seeing her going into a shop on his street.

Here is a round-up of some of Wednesday’s cases at Blackpool Magistrates Court 15-02-17

Slawomir Juszczyk, 37, breach of the peace

A husband kicked and damaged the door to a room to which his wife and two children had fled because he was drunk.

Slawomir Juszczyk 37, of Newton Drive, Blackpool, admitted breach of the peace and was bound over in the sum of £200 for 12 months.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said a child contacted the police on February 11 at 11.30pm, saying there was a disturbance at the defendant’s address.

Police found the defendant’s wife and two children in a bedroom where the wooden door had been damaged.

They were shaken and the wife told officers her husband had come in drunk and there was a row. She then locked herself and the children in the bedroom.

Juszczyk told the judge: “I should not have argued with my wife. I apologise.”

Dean Carter, 31, breach of the peace

A man fought with his brother and called his mother a grass shouting at her “stitches for snitches” in front of police.

Dean Carter, 31, of Kimberley Avenue, South Shore, pleaded guilty to breach of the peace and was bound over in the sum of £200 for 12 months.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said a woman called 999 on February 12, saying her two sons were fighting and damaging the house.

Police went to the address and saw the brothers tussling.

Carter swore at police and his mother.

He was taken outside and said he would return if asked to leave.

Carter told the judge he had been drinking and did not remember anything.

Michael Littlewood, 28, dangerous driving

A motorist drove at a police officer and also almost hit a bus during a high speed chase which reached speeds of up to 95mph around Great Eccleston.

Michael Littlewood was tracked down by the police helicopter and was apprehended after fleeing from the Clio he had been driving.

Littlewood, 28, of Broadway, Fleetwood, pleaded guilty to driving dangerously on Garstang Road on February 10.

Littlewood along with co-defendant Scott Lee, 25, of Lancaster Road, Blackpool, was also accused of burgling a house on Garstang Road, St Michaels, and the attempted burglary of Burrow Farm, Lancaster, and a house in Lincoln Way, Garstang, all on February 10.

David Charnley, defending Littlewood, said his client had indicate he would plead guilty to the burglary and two attempted burglary offences.

Brett Chappell, for Lee, said his client had indicated he would plead not guilty to the burglary and two attempted burglaries.

The defendants were remanded in custody to appear at Preston Crown Court on March 15.

David Duffield, 31, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest

A man accused of assaulting one police officer and resisting arrest by another has made his first appearance at court.

David Duffield, 31, of Stalmine Hall Park, Hall Gate Lane, Stalmine, who also faces offences of driving while disqualified without insurance was bailed.

He must not travel in the front seat of any vehicle except taxis and must live at his given address with a curfew as conditions of his bail.

Ian Izatt, 44, assault

A man repeatedly hit his father causing him to fall over a coffee table and rebound against a balcony door.

Ian Izatt went on the attack after his 72-year-old dad asked him to end a phone call he was making and reminding his son that he paid the bill.

Izatt, 44, of Ashton Court, St Andrews Road North, St Annes, pleaded guilty to assaulting his father.

He was sentenced to eight weeks jail suspended for six months, ordered to pay his father £75 compensation and put on a six months restraining order which bans him from entering father’s home road.

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said Izatt’s father had let his son stay at his address temporarily because it was too cold for him to live in his tent last November.

Izatt had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. On February 8 at 9.30am Izett was described as making a landline phone call and ranting on about religion.

His father asked him to end the call reminding him who paid the bill. When Izatt refused his father ended the call.

Izett then repeatedly pushed his father with open palms against his shoulders causing him to fall over the coffee table and break three vases.

Izatt pushed his dad back into the room.