Court warrant for venue boss who failed to attend court

Blackpool Magistrates Court
Blackpool Magistrates Court
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A warrant has been issued for a restaurateur who failed to attend court to face 17 offences brought under food hygiene and safety regulations.

They include not having a working ladies toilet and having untrained staff handling food.

Simon Billington who ran “Two The Square” which the court gave an address of as Kirkgate, Kirkham, did not attend proceedings at Blackpool Magistrates Court.

The premises are not the Kirkgate Cafe in Kirkgate, and it is understood Two The Square is located elsewhere in the town.

A warrant backed with bail was issued for Billington of Pinewood Avenue, Bispham. He is being prosecuted by Fylde Council over the state of his premises. He is alleged to have failed to put in place or implement hygiene procedures. He is further accused of having staff who were not trained in food handling and were not properly supervised.

He is said to have failed to maintain equipment used in food production and stored waste incorrectly. Food handlers are said by the council not to have worn the correct protective clothing and an anti-sneeze shield used to protect food was broken.

An anti-insect screen did not fit properly over a window and lighting in the premises was inadequate. The council say the number of washing sinks was below the required number and there was no supply of hot water or hand driers.

Billington is also facing an allegation that the female toilet window was broken and the toilet was not in use and the failure to react to official hygiene improvement notices issued by the council.