Cricketers robbed during game

Chorley Cricket Club and Tennis Club and Walgarth Avenue Chorley
Chorley Cricket Club and Tennis Club and Walgarth Avenue Chorley
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It was a bittersweet victory for Fylde cricketers when they discovered their dressing room had been raided by a thief following a triumphant match.

Three players from St Annes Cricket Club were shocked to discover a total of £270 had been stolen from their wallets after sealing a three-wicket victory at Chorley Cricket Club on Saturday.

Police have now taken the players’ wallets away to be forensically tested for evidence.

Steven Grindley, communications officer for St Annes Cricket Club, said: “One of our players came into the dressing room and decided to get a drink.

“He dipped into his pocket to pull out his wallet for some money and discovered a substantial amount of cash missing. He then mentioned to the other lads what had happened and they then checked their pockets .

“It was found two more people had had money taken.”

It is believed a man had gained access to the away dressing room, asking to use the toilets at the club, when the money went missing.

Mr Grindley added:“The Chorley lads came in and said a man had come into their dressing room and asked to use the toilets. I think initially they took pity when he asked to use the toilet and let him in, but later discovered he had also been in the away dressing room without permission.”

Mr Grindley said once the players realised what had happened they ran outside to find the man – but no money was found on him.

He added the players’ wallets were taken by police officers in a bid to lift a fingerprint.

Chorley CC chairman Peter Mockett (left) said: “There was an unfortunate incident.

“Money was stolen from the dressing room.

“The police are involved and it’s an ongoing inquiry.

“They have taken certain items away with them for investigation.”