Cruel owners' dog was almost completely bald

A young Jack Russell dog was left almost completely bald because its owners failed to get it proper treatment for an allergy.

Wednesday, 23rd November 2016, 12:02 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th November 2016, 10:26 am

Blackpool Magistrates issued warrants without bail for Christopher Frost, 49, and his former partner Gillian Webster, 58, who used to live with the three year old bitch Libby in Platt Street,Blackpool.

The couple failed to attend the court hearing and were found guilty of Failing to stop Libby’s pain and suffering in their absence.

The court heard how the dog had an allergy to fleas which could have been easily treated. Instead the animal ended up pulling its own hair out, leaving the animal 80 per cent bald.

RSPCA inspector Sarah Hayland told the charity received an anonymous tip off.

She went to Platt Street and could not gain entry. She heard the dog yelping and could see Libby was suffering hair loss from its neck downwards.

A Neighbour later let her in to the house and she took the dog to vet Fiona Connolly who has a practice in St Annes.

Information from the dog’s microchip allowed the RSPCA to trace the owners who had gone to Grimsby.

They were interviewed and Webster denied mistreating Libby and said she and Frost had made arrangements for neighbours to look after 
the animal whilst they were away.

Webster said: “I want her to come home. I miss her everyday. She is my baby girl and follows me everywhere.”

In his interview Frost said: “I think we have done our best. The dog is our number one priority. She is close to my heart and has been wrenched away. She will be missing her Sunday roast.”

Frost said that Libby had suffered from fleas and maintained the couple had got some treatment for her.

The vet gave evidence and said Libby had suffered eighty percent hair loss caused by pulling her own hair out.

“Tests revealed she was suffering from an allergy to fleas. This has been long standing in my opinion.”

“The proper treatment has been given and she has fully recovered.

“It took less than a week of treatment to help her get rid of what we call flea bite dermatitis.”

When Webster and Frost are arrested and brought to court the RSPCA will be asking for an order banning them from keeping pets in the future.