DJ cut after drinker hurled a pint glass in Blackpool’s Crazy Scots Bar

The Crazy Scots bar
The Crazy Scots bar

A DJ was cut by flying glass after a man hurled a pint glass “like a cricket ball” in his direction at Blackpool’s Crazy Scots Bar.

Joanro Jabbari told police he threw the glass because he was annoyed by comments he said the DJ made towards his girlfriend.

It was a nasty incident and unprovoked and if that glass had landed on someone’s head you could have been going to prison

Jabbari, a 25-year-old tyre fitter, of Morrisons Court, Stevenston, Ayrshire, pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm.

He was sentenced to sentenced to 18 weeks imprisonment suspended for 12 months, ordered to do 150 hours unpaid work for the community and told to pay £300 compensation to his victim by Blackpool magistrates.

Presiding magistrate, Brian Nicholson, told him: “It was a nasty incident and unprovoked and if that glass had landed on someone’s head you could have been going to prison.”

Prosecutor, Pam Smith, said a woman had just finished singing on the karaoke on April 2 about 12.30am, when the disc jockey, who had been the resident DJ at the Crazy Scots Bar for 15 years, was hit by shattering glass when a pint glass thrown from the bar area.

A security officer at the bar said Jabbari had thrown the glass about 20 feet, with a lot of force, shattering the glass in the DJ’s booth. The security officer added: “He threw his arm back as though he was throwing a cricket ball.”

The DJ suffered cuts to his stomach and lower arm and had to have one of the wounds glued together at hospital.

When interviewed Jabbari told police the DJ had kept making comments over the microphone about his girlfriend. He added he had been stupid and had not intended to hit or injure the DJ.

John McLaren, defending, said: “His girlfriend was singing karaoke and some comments were made by the DJ. He got the wrong end of the stick over those comments. He is very sorry for what happened.”

Probation officer Lesley Whittaker told magistrates that Jabbari had sought asylum here from Iran seven years ago. At the time of the offence he had drunk a bottle of strong wine and six bottles of lager. He said the DJ was making comments about his girlfriend over the microphone while looking at him and laughing.