‘Don’t mess with me - I’m Welsh’

Blackpool Magistrates' Court
Blackpool Magistrates' Court
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A mother launched an unprovoked attack on a man and one of his children as they awaited a train at a Fylde station.

Drunken Natasha Kelly shouted and swore at the father on his three children as they stood on the platform at Ansdell station.

She bawled out: “Don’t mess with me....I am Welsh.”

She then grabbed the jaw of the five-year-old boy whose family come from Ansdell and shook him violently.

She then threw the father’s bike onto the railway tracks and poured a drink over the dad who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Kelly was on a trip to the Fylde from her home in Wrexham, North Wales and had been drinking heavily.

During the incident police were called and one of the female officers who tried to arrest Kelly was kicked.

Kelly admitted assaulting the father and son and the police officer and throwing an item on the railway tracks.

District Judge John Maxwell told her: “My initial reaction is to send you straight to prison.

“This was one of the most disgraceful assaults I have come across. Shaking a young boy like that could have been fatal.

“And then throwing a bike onto the line could have caused a derailment with appalling consequences.”

In his statement to police the father said: “We did nothing to cause these attacks.

“I cannot understand why she picked on us.”

Kelly was given 16 weeks jail suspended for 18 months. She was placed on 18 months supervision and ordered to pay £200 compensation to the five-year-old.