Drugs changed rape accused, court is told

Wayne Hollerin
Wayne Hollerin
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A woman said a man who tried to rape her in a Blackpool hotel room said he changed into a “pure, nasty, evil man” after taking amphetamines.

Wayne Hollerin, 35, has already admitted attempting to murder the woman – claiming he had received a message from God to free her spirit from her mortal soul.

Just because I put a few pictures on Facebook doesn’t mean I wanted sex. It was just a bit of fun, that’s it

But he denies trying to rape her after meeting up with her in the resort and going back to the hotel which he had booked for a drinking session.

Giving evidence in a recorded interview, the woman said she met up with Hollerin on July 11 and the pair went back to the room.

Hollerin took three ‘bombs’ of amphetamine – wrapped up in a cigarette paper – but she said she only took a small amount of the drug as she was still suffering the effects of the night before.

She said: “I’m struggling with the fact he was fine and then he took the drugs and he was like a changed man.

“Amphetamine is like an upper and it makes you like, happy and stuff, but he went down.

“He had just said to me while I was in there, ‘you know I would never hurt you’ and he did. He ended up battering me.”

The woman said she had known Hollerin through Facebook for a few months and had exchanged sexual pictures with him.

But she said she thought they were meeting in Blackpool for a ‘sesh’.

She said: “Just because I put a few pictures on Facebook doesn’t mean I wanted sex. It was just a bit of fun, that’s it.”

She said after Hollerin had taken the drugs he became sexually frustrated and started pestering her.

But when she rejected his advances, she said: “He was like, ‘I’ve paid £60 for you to come to a hotel and I’m not even going to get ‘owt?’

“His mood went from happy and merry to sexually frustrated and like a psycho.

“He was like a troubled little boy, like not fully right in the head mentally, like he needed to be in a mental institute because he was fine then he was like a changed person.”

Hollerin, of no fixed address, denies attempted rape at Preston Crown Court.


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