Hotel attacker: ‘Sort yourself out - get a grip’

Wayne Hollerin
Wayne Hollerin
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A man who tried to murder a woman in a Blackpool hotel has told a court he was consumed by a powerful force – but he did not try to rape her.

Wayne Hollerin, 35, held his hands to his head as he told the jury about the state of mind he was in after taking two or three ‘bombs’ of amphetamine in the room at the Regent Hotel, Central Drive on July 11.

I was baffled. I didn’t know what else to do. I got on the bed and I kissed her for like, a second or two seconds

The woman – who can not be identified for legal reasons – says she told Hollerin repeatedly she did not want sex but says he “pestered her”.

After taking the drugs, Hollerin, of no fixed address, said he lost the capacity to perform and his personality changed.

He told the court: “As soon as the amphetamine started taking over the drink, initially I was happy but then the wild thoughts started happening more and more, like God and that.

“I had to say to myself, ‘sort yourself out, get a grip’, I was battling myself to get back to like I was.

“I wasn’t frustrated. I was just thinking about her, the fact I looked like a weirdo, and I’m not speaking to her. My mind was somewhere else.”

Hollerin denies he tried to rape the woman but admits he did try to kill her in an attempt to “save her from her mortal body”.

Earlier that evening he had smashed a bottle of her FCUK perfume to release the purity of the perfume from the bottle, Preston Crown Court heard.

Hollerin said: “I was baffled. I didn’t know what else to do. I got on the bed and I kissed her for like, a second or two seconds.

“I just had this thing in my head, ‘just once, just once’ like a woman in childbirth has to go through all that pain just once but then there is new life, and that’s it. That’s when I put my hands around her throat.

David Potter QC, prosecuting, put it to the defendant that he had tried to rape the woman, but Hollerin said: “No. Not true. My head was so far away from sex it is unbelievable.”


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