Is this the ‘Monty Massacre’ suspect confessing?

Police presence at Montgomery High School as pupils arrive for school following online threats on Facebook
Police presence at Montgomery High School as pupils arrive for school following online threats on Facebook

An online poster claiming to be responsible for a massacre threat at Montgomery High School has written a long apology on The Gazette website - describing their actions as “incredibly stupid.”

The internet user, under the name ‘The Real John Smith’, posted an apparent confession on The Gazette website on the day more than 1,000 pupils stayed away from the Bispham school.

A threat to ‘massacre’ students was made over the weekend, although police later dismissed the claims as ‘non-credible’.

Police stood guard at the school this week as just 268 children turned up on Monday, despite reassurances from police and headteacher Tony Nicholson.

Lancashire Police has confirmed it is now investigating the below ‘confession’ as it pursues a “number of lines of enquiry”

The message read as follows:

PLEASE just forget about the threats. I am a bullied student at Montgomery, I did start the threats but they are NOT genuine; I simply wanted to shock the school into handling the bullies.

It was the stupidest decision I’ve ever made, I’ve wasted time, money, and panicked people for no reason. I’ll always regret this and now I genuinely feel like I’m worse than the bullies. I’ve been having such a tough time with the school ignoring me when I tell them I’m being bullied, especially considering it first started about 2 years ago and I’ve been reporting it around once a month since.

I only wanted to scare the bullies, and make the teachers wake up. I did NOT want attention, I did NOT want news coverage. This whole thing was a gigantic mistake and I’m incredibly sorry for my actions.

The bullies have honestly made me consider suicide in the past, but I’m hanging on for now. I really feel like this could push me over the edge if I have to do police interviews and get plastered over the news as a terrorist and potentially get arrested. I seriously can’t handle that so please just consider this from a 15 year olds point of view that’s getting bullied. I know that’s no excuse, but it’s too late to undo the damage.

I consider myself as above average intelligence, but my actions over the past week are the least intelligent actions I’ve committed or even seen for a long time. I know I broke the law and caused a lot of trouble, but I really can’t handle the consequences. I know I should’ve thought about that before I made the threats, but I was just so angry and frustrated that I’d have to start a new year in the same school full of bullying and torment; just the thought of myself going through that again for another year was terrifying and I just had to do something. Unfortunately I decided to do something incredibly stupid.

I’m SO sorry, and I really wish people will forgive me for my actions. I just wanted to do something about the bullies because all other channels of communication were ignored. I thought scaring the bullies and the teachers would simply sort out the bullying problem and then everyone would just move on; I was incredibly wrong.

I’m sorry.

There’s no need to worry about me or Monty.

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