‘Low lives’ steal charity cash

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A charity manager has branded the people who took a 4ft collection bottle in broad daylight as “low lives”.

Christine Ashton, who has helped run The Cat Rescue charity for 20 years is so upset to lose the cola-shaped bottle which held sentimental value - as well as charitable donations.

Christine believes the bottle was taken from the shop, in Wood Street, St Annes, at some point on Saturday afternoon.

Cat Rescue Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde take care of homeless, distressed cats and try to place them with people for cat adoption or cat fostering.

Christine said: “We are only a small, local charity – with 
only a small group of volunteers so rely on a lot on 
support and donation.”

Christine believes there was around £60 in coins in the bottle.

Police are investigating the theft.

Christine added: “Someone must have seen someone walking down Wood Street with a bottle that size on a Saturday afternoon.

“Whoever has done this must have been in the shop before and weighed it up. They’re low lives and the theft has left a really bad taste.”

Despite the money being taken, Christine and her fellow volunteers are more upset about losing the last photo of a cat called Charlie, in a specially-built wheelchair, which the shop has looked after.

Christine said: “It’s just so upsetting as the photo of Charlie on the bottle cannot be replaced and it’s something we held dearly.”

However, Christine’s faith in people has been renewed since the theft.

She said: “The silver lining in this sad tale is that a gentleman was in the shop when we discovered the loss and handed us a £20 note to pay for two books worth 50p.

“He told us to keep the change to go towards a replacement bottle.”