Machete threat to ‘pregnant’ woman

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court
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A man took a machete to his girlfriend’s home and threatened to kill her when she mentioned the possibility of having an abortion.

Mark Isaac told her “You are going to kill my baby. I’m going to kill you”.

He had travelled by taxi to her home on Headroomgate Road, St Annes, and the driver noticed he had a machete in its sheath and was mumbling.

Isaac, 46, of Coronation Street, Blackpool, had pleaded guilty to offences of affray and having an offensive weapon.

A judge at Preston Crown Court gave him nine months prison, suspended for two years, with two years supervision.

He also made a two year restraining order, barring him from any contact with the woman, or entering the road where she lived.

The incident happened on December 23 last year.

David Farley, prosecuting, said there had been problems in the past.

In the run up to Christmas, an argument arose between them over whether or not she was pregnant and if so, if it was his. If it was his she was apparently planning a termination.

The court heard that it seemed she had not had a pregnancy test.

The woman agreed to talk to Isaac on December 23 and offered to pay half his taxi fare.

The driver said, despite seeing the machete, he did not fear for his safety in any way.

Once inside the woman’s home, Isaac began threatening her. He looked very angry and said she was going to kill his baby.

He told her: “I am going to cut your head off. You are going to kill my baby. I am going to kill you”.

The prosecution said he was “in her face” and very angry. She managed to get the knife from him and ran out of the flat.

In a victim personal statement, she spoke of having been traumatised by her experience and hasn’t slept much since. She now felt she was always looking over her shoulder and has flashbacks.

Robin Kitching, defending, said Isaac would welcome any restraining order being made.

He said: “He has no intention of contacting this woman ever again. He is determined never to speak to her again”.

The judge dealing with him said it was fortunate no-one had been seriously injured in the incident.

Isaac must also pay a £100 statutory surcharge, plus £250 costs.

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