Prison awaits dog walk sex attacker

Attempted rape of a woman as she walked along Mornington Road in Lytham
Attempted rape of a woman as she walked along Mornington Road in Lytham
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A man who tried to rape a dog walker was told “custody is inevitable” after he pleaded guilty.

Daniel Lewis, 23, of Jeffrey Square, Blackpool, appeared before Preston Crown Court yesterday charged with attempted rape.

He has been remanded in custody, to be brought back for sentencing on May 6, after pleading guilty.

Lewis attacked a woman who was out walking a dog in Lytham early on October 11 last year, but he was disturbed in his attack as she fought back, screaming and smacking him.

Today police again praised the woman for her courage for fighting off the attacker and for attending court ready to give evidence yesterday.

Det Insp Gareth Willis said: “We did praise, quite rightly, the bravery of the victim and I’d like to reiterate that.

“The way she reacted clearly prevented anything further happening to her.

“We’ve had an extremely strong case and were ready to proceed but he pleaded guilty.

“Thankfully, it saves her the trauma of having to give evidence.”

Police launched an investigation after the 20-year-old victim was attacked while walking down a quiet street.

She was grabbed and pushed to the ground as she walked a dog along Meadow Lane close to Mornington Road shortly before 7am.

But the brave woman fought off her attacker, screaming and hitting him.

Neighbours were alerted by her screams and the attacker ran off towards Preston Road.

Judge Jacqueline Beech said: “I have ordered a pre sentence report in relation to you.

“You will be aware, and I am sure advised, that custody is inevitable for an offence such as this but the court needs to know more about you in relation to this type of offence.”

Defending, Julie Taylor told Preston Crown Court: “The defendant is under no illusion that he faces a lengthy custodial sentence.

“I expect the court will require an assessment by the probation service.”

No application was made for bail.