Teens blamed for primary school damage

Wesham CofE Primary
Wesham CofE Primary
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Teenagers who have been climbing onto the roof of a school have been warned by police the net is closing on them

Several incidents have been reported in recent weeks at Wesham CofE Primary School in Garstang Road North.

Police say teenagers have been climing onto the roof and causing damage to the buildings.

And officers have issued a warning to those responsible to expect a knock at the door.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: " Unfortunately for the offenders the whole area is covered by quality CCTV.

"We've identified a number of suspects and we'll be making contact with you and your parents very soon.

"If you are involved or know someone that is, do yourselves a favour and stop it.

"Entering into the criminal justice system is not a great career choice."

Anyone with information on the incidents should call 101 quoting log reference WA1706633.