Vandals continue crime spate

Damage to Citroen car owned by Billy Matthews
Damage to Citroen car owned by Billy Matthews
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Yobs have continued a criminal damage spate in St Annes after causing more than £700 worth of damage to a parked car.

Billy Matthews, 48, of Kirkham, had been visiting St Annes for a couple of hours as he attended a Lytham St Annes Photographic Society meeting last Thursday.

Damage to Citroen car owned by Billy Matthews

Damage to Citroen car owned by Billy Matthews

After coming out the meeting, he was astounded to find that his six-month old car had been damaged on Carlton Road.

Mr Matthews discovered that his wing mirror had been pulled off and the back panel had been ‘keyed’ causing a large scratch down to the metal.

The 48-year-old immediately told police and was issued with a crime number.

He has since taken his Citroen DS3 to a repair centre and been issued with costs of £700 to fix the damage.

Mr Matthews is perplexed why the yobs would want to damage his car.

He said: “I would want to know why these people decide to target my car and what goes through the mind of somebody who does that.

“Its not an attack on me so I have no idea what goes why they would feel the need to cause all this damage.”

He now wants to raise the issue of criminal damage in St Annes after a series of attacks have plagued the town since the turn of the year.

The mindless vandalism comes just weeks after three brothers ran into bills scaling more than £4,000 after their luxury cars were targeted in their driveway on Clitheroe Road, St Annes.

Adam, Craig and Paul Levin had their Mercedes and BMW cars ‘keyed’ after their cars were left parked overnight.

The town has also seen a big rise in the number of attacks on the promenade’s Victorian shelters with vandals smashing the glass panes more than three times already this month.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We are aware of this damage incurred and others incidents that have happened in St Annes.

“Regular patrols will continue around St Annes in an attempt to deter damage to people’s property. Anyone who saw any suspicious activity in the area at the time should contact police on 101.”