Woman had a cannabis farm

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A woman set up a small cannabis farm in a spare room to provide the drug for herself and her mother.

Kaylea McKay decided to grow her own because she was finding buying cannabis from dealers too expensive and she wanted money as Christmas was coming up.

The court also heard that she researched how to cultivate and grow the drug on the internet, McKay, 27, of Bloomfield Road, South Shore, pleaded guilty to producing cannabis.

Pam Smith, prosecuting, said police went to McKay’s home on December 3 at noon.

Her mother was there but the defendant was not.

McKay’s mother confirmed cannabis was being grown on the premises and police found 12 plants growing in a tent in a spare room.

When interviewed McKay told police that she used the drug and her mother also used the drug to alleviate some of her symptoms after suffering a stroke.


She had been spending £200 a month on their cannabis from dealers so she decided to grow the drug herself.

She bought some equipment for £50 from a friend and looked up how to grow cannabis on the Internet.

Defence lawyer, Steven Townley, asked for pre-sentence reports on his client and Blackpool magistrates adjourned the case.