Wrecking spree in village

Vandalism at Woodlands Road, Ansdell.
Vandalism at Woodlands Road, Ansdell.

VANDALS went on a wrecking spree through Ansdell, breaking fence panels and a bench in the process.

Ansdell councillor – and Fylde Council leader – Coun David Eaves said: “Some mindless people have kicked in large concrete panels and dragged a large concrete bench along the road.

“I was called by nearby residents who have reported the incident to the police.

It is a crying shame – it doesn’t look pretty.

“The residents of Ansdell are very particular and look after their properties so it is a shame some mindless people have chosen to spoil the environment for everyone else.

“I just hope this is an isolated incident, especially as we are about to start improvement works on the village centre to make the village an even better part of the borough.”

Residents called police about the vandalism, which took place some time on Sunday night.

The yobs struck on Woodlands Road close to shops and Ansdell Institute as the road rises to cross the South Fylde railway line.

Large concrete fencing panels have been smashed and were left strewn across the pavement and gardens, and a bench was dragged along the road causing further damage.

One resident, who didn’t wish to be named, said: “It’s outrageous. There can be no gain for whoever has done this so it is pure and simple stupidity.”

Police said they were looking into the matter.