Dad's anger at car park penalty

A major Fylde attraction has defended its car parking policy after a tourist was angered at receiving a £100 enforcement notice despite displaying a blue badge.

Tuesday, 22nd May 2018, 11:02 am
Updated Tuesday, 22nd May 2018, 5:16 pm

Menashe Rosenberg was visiting St Annes Pier with his wife Paula and 12-year-old son Izzy, who is registered disabled.

Mr Rosenberg said: “When we parked, we looked around for signs, but all we saw was one that said ‘warning’ with small writing underneath that looked like the standard sign saying cars parked at owners’ risk,

“I looked for a pay and display machine and all I saw was what looked like a red postbox.

Menashe and Paula Roseberg from Prestwich, who were angry to be fined for parking without a ticket on St Annes Pier car park

“We put the blue badge on the dashboard assuming that this car park would be like the hundreds of others we visit offering free parking for blue badge holders.

“We were very shocked to find we had received a parking fine – had I known there was a parking charge I certainly would have paid or parked elsewhere.

“It was only on closer inspection that we realised the ‘postbox’ was actually a parking meter and when I walked right up to the warning signs, the ‘small print’ said blue badge holders are not exempt.

“It has certainly put us off parking there again.”

But a spokesman for the pier company said: “St Annes Pier car park boasts an above average number of visible signs relating to rules and tariffs in accordance with national parking regulations and guidelines.

“It is run as a funding vehicle for the upkeep of St Annes Pier, a private pier that receives no public funding.

“Without the income that the car park brings, the future of the pier itself would be in jeopardy

“The car park is also of limited size and we seek to be non-discriminatory in not offering concessions to anyone.

“I hope Mr Rosenberg’s experience does not prevent him from enjoying St Annes in the future.”