Dip into the ancient world with Professor Michael Scott

Professor Michael Scott
Professor Michael Scott

Delphi is considered to be the centre of the ancient world and the fascinating place will be the topic for Professor Michael Scott’s next visit to Lytham.

In between filming for BBC2, lecturing at Warwick University and tobogganing down the Great Wall of China, Professor Scott will deliver his Presidential Lecture at the Lytham St Annes Classical Association tonight at AKS on Clifton Drive.

In this year’s lecture, on Thursday January 10, Michael returns to his roots in classical history to speak about Delphi, the spiritual and cultural hub of the ancient Greek world, and the subject of one of his most popular best-selling books.

Katrina Kelly, chair of the UK’s largest branch of the Classical Association in the UK, says: “We are delighted to welcome back our President for his fifth annual presidential lecture. An authority on this ancient sanctuary and its environs, we feel privileged to hear Michael address us on ‘Where Eagles Dare – Delphi at the centre of the ancient Mediterranean world’, and we encourage people to come early if they want to ensure they have a seat as it is always our busiest lecture of the year with over 300 people expected”.

In his lecture, Professor Scott will explain how, for 1000 years, Delphi held sway as the premier oracle in ancient Greece and the wider Mediterranean.

The TV presenter asks, “But how did it work? Who came? Why did they keep coming back? What did they get up to while they were there? And why does any of this matter – 2000 years later? This is an account of Delphi as institution and inspiration in both the past and the present and I’m thrilled to be sharing it with everyone in Lytham St Annes!”

Katrina states that “We’re really excited to mark our fifth year in style with our ever supportive and inspiring president and after the lecture over a hundred of us are celebrating

another great year with Professor Scott at our Presidential Dinner – we can’t wait!”

“The dinner is already sold out but everyone is invited to the Presidential Lecture – tickets cost £5 and can be reserved by contacting the Secretary, Jayne Kelly, at lsaclassics@gmail.com – we look forward to welcoming you and learning more about the home of the omphalos, where two eagles meet!”