Dismay as residents could be set to lose their homes

What about us?

Monday, 12th June 2017, 11:30 am
Updated Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 3:36 pm
Ralph Carte, Steven Roy Gratrix and Terry Duran from the Windmill Park Residents Association

That’s what residents have told us in recent days after their hopes of seeing their homes beat the axe looked to be dashed.

A bid to demolish a mobile home park and replace it with a drive-through coffee shop looks set to get the go ahead despite residents warning they will lose their homes.

Blackpool Council’s planning committee is being recommended to approve the application by Rontec to redevelop the land at the back of its Esso garage on Preston New Road, when it meets tomorrow.

The scheme straddles Blackpool and Fylde boundaries and so must also go to Fylde Council for approval.

If it goes ahead, the residents of 12 mobile homes on the Windmill Caravan Park will lose their homes.

But a report to councillors says it is “a common occurence” for redevelopment “whereby existing residents are displaced” and that is a private legal matter between the residents and the site owners.

Residents are angry they are not being considered enough - but what do you think?

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So once again the “little” man gets trampled under foot by legislation and corporate money grabbing.

Lets hope that those who instigated this will one day find themselves homeless.

They then might view the world somewhat differently!


Don’t suppose they knew their leasehold was about to run out. Clearly to the owners, the land is worth more than the leases of a few mobile homes.

The only way out of this is to make the owners a better offer and buy the land from them.


Looks like an awful place to live.... tucked up behind a petrol station.

Must be better places to pitch your mobile home.

I don’t believe it

Hope they don’t get planning permission.

We don’t need anymore coffee shops, the garage is enough for this area.

We already need more affordable homes / council homes and these park homes being demolished will mean the council would have to prioritise them for a home as they would be classed as homeless, but bet the council haven’t thought about that.

Joanne May Downs

This is my dad’s home and he has lived there for years. It angers me I just hope it doesn’t go through and he loses his home all for a coffee. It’s wrong it really is

Cheryl Gratrix

Any planning permission they can sell off for building on they will

Kathleen Angel Heffron

Are they not mobile homes - caravans? Hope they are able to relocate if it does go ahead

Linda Laledakis

They have already put a Starbucks on Preston New Road why is there a need for another coffee shop?

Michael Daley

Hope the powers that be listen to these people and do not let this happen – they need their homes.

Lynda Eileen Porter

Like we really need another coffee shop in Blackpool

Lesley Steeden

Not needed. There is already a Starbucks on Preston New Road.

Barry McCann

No that’s not right don’t let it happen councillors

Mavis Thomas

Really bad news. Hope it doesn’t happen

Libby Mulhall