Do you have skills to impress the French?

Do you have a specialist skill you would like to share with the people of France?

Friday, 18th March 2016, 1:00 pm
The Town Hall at Caudry, France

Caudry, the French town involved in a possible twinning link with Lytham St Annes, is inviting craftspeople from England to take part in a special exhibition in their town later this year.

Anne-Sophie Duez, deputy mayor of Caudry, would like two craftspeople from Lytham St Annes to take part in an exhibition showcasing the work of artisan craftsmen and women to be held on the weekend of October 22 and 23.

Accommodation will be provided and the stall/exhibition space will be free. Exhibitors will need to arrive in Caudry on Friday, October 21 to set up their stalls.

By the time of the exhibition, Lytham St Annes could be twinned with Caudry, which is in northern France, close to the Belgian border.

Representatives of the Lytham St Annes Twinning Association are heading over to Caudry in the coming weeks on a fact-finding visit with a view to sealing a link along the same lines to that which has existed with the German town of Werne for the last 32 years.

Twinning Association chairman Tony Ford said: “There doesn’t appear to be any restriction on the kind of crafts to be shown and this would be great way to showcase crafts from the local area to a wider audience. I know there are a number of craft groups in the area and I am hoping that this opportunity will appeal to them.

“Caudry is famous for its lace-making and although the town’s big lace-making factory has now been turned into a museum, there is still a very strong lace-making tradition in the town and the surrounding area.

However, that isn’t the only craft well represented in the town. The Deputy Mayor is eager to attract people who are part of a guild or belong to a recognised craft association and it will be a good opportunity for a local group to show their skills. We can offer help with translation should anyone feel hesitant about getting involved.”

Anyone interested should contact Tony Ford at [email protected] or on (01253) 713885.