Dog walkers told to be wary of ‘poison’ on road

A lovely view of Green Drive, Lytham on a cold autumn day.'Carol Ford'Blackpool
A lovely view of Green Drive, Lytham on a cold autumn day.'Carol Ford'Blackpool
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Pet owners in Fylde are being put on high alert after two dogs have died and dozens more reported sick following walks down Green Drive, Lytham.

Anne Pennington’s spaniel Maisy died on Tuesday night after falling sick last week from eating something on Green Drive.

Mark Bamforth

Mark Bamforth

She said: “We have lost a lovely family dog and it’s disgusting if someone has done this on purpose.

“We can’t say for sure our dog was poisoned on purpose but if she had not gone in the bushes there and eaten something then she would still be alive today.”

Signs have now been erected by Fylde Council along Green Drive warning walkers to keep an eye out for anything suspicious and to not let their dogs out of sight.

Mrs Pennington, who lives in Bellingham Road, added: “A dog called Charlie, that lives next door but one to us also walks down Green Drive and had been there on the same day I took my dogs.

“Charlie was also violently sick but he is a younger dog so might have been able to fight it better.”

A Fylde Council spokesman said: “There is no poisoning of squirrels or any other animals. The council is not engaged in any form of pest or plant control down Green Drive. We are completely unaware of what the problem is so we have environmental and staff there currently investigating.”

Coun Mark Bamforth is currently trying to make sure the council find out what the problem is as soon as possible

He said: “I understand there have been 20 dogs now who have all thrown up yellow bile as a result of walking down Green Drive. We need to get to the cause quickly and prevent further loss or illness.”

Mrs Pennington says her 11-year-old spaniel went into bushes on St Peter’s path near the Ballam Road entrance and knew straight away she had eaten something.

She added: “She came out the bushes licking her lips and straight away I was worried what she had eaten.

“When we got home she was violently sick and became very lethargic, it’s worrying because every other dog seems to have the same symptoms of becoming lethargic and throwing up yellow bile.

A Fylde Council spokesman added: “We have not seen or found anything but we are continuing to look down paths and searching in bushes for anything suspicious.

“But for the moment it’s a complete mystery to us.

“An educated guess would be poisonous fungus, as we are at that time of year when it develops quickly.”

Fylde Council has not told dog walkers to avoid the area, but has called for walkers to ensure their dogs are kept on leads at all times and sticking to the main pathway, while investigations are made.