Far Eastern promise for exchange students

Students from Carr Hill School in Kirkham welcomed visitors from China.
Students from Carr Hill School in Kirkham welcomed visitors from China.

A Fylde-based school is broadening its horizons after launching its first foreign exchange programme with a school from China.

Four Chinese students – Wang Ningzhi, Heng Guanyi, Zhang Jiakui and Zhang Ning – from the Zhengzhou School in Henan Province, flew more than 5,000 miles to enjoy English, Science and Maths lessons at Carr Hill School in Kirkham.

Carr Hill pupils will swap places with the Chinese students in June as they make the return trip to the Asian continent.

Head of Sixth Form, Paul Wallace, said: “Carr Hill High School is delighted to be a part of this programme as it is an excellent opportunity for our students to learn about different cultures and develop life skills.

“As a school we are always looking for new ways to provide our students with alternative learning opportunities outside of the curriculum we offer.

“So far we have really enjoyed having the exchange students with us at Carr Hill and have found we are learning as much from them as they are from us. We look forward to travelling over to China in June and experiencing the Chinese way of life.

“As a school we hope that this exchange programme is something we can continue to offer our students for years to come.”

Mr Wallace and Carr Hill’s director of learning Bernie Taylor visited Zhengzou School last year to meet the staff and students having been approached by the school about a possible exchange.

Following a successful trip staff from Zhengzou came to visit Carr Hill.

Zhang Jiakui said: “The reason I decided to visit the UK was to get a good understanding of what it is like to live and study here. I may decide to come to university in the UK so this exchange is a good opportunity for me to experience the culture, lifestyle and education.”

In June, Chinese exchange students are planning to take the English students to the nation’s capital, Beijing, and the Great Wall of China during their time in China.

The English students will also experience life in a Chinese school where lessons start at 6.30am and end at 10pm, with a one-and-a-half hour time slot for an afternoon nap.

Carr Hill student Kate Edmundson said: “I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of Carr Hill’s first exchange programme and I can’t wait to head over to China. I’m looking forward to trying the foods, practising the language and experiencing the school system. It really is a trip of a lifetime.”