Word bubbles help promote love of reading

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Young bookworms at Saint Bede’s Catholic High School in Lytham are celebrating after being named runners up in the World Book Day Award competition.

The year eight English class scooped the prize in the contest to mark the 20th anniversary of the special literacy day.

The pupils were given the challenge of creating a unique display which answers the question: Which stories have made your school a school of books?’

The group used a plethora of ideas and elements to create their final piece which was a person blowing bubbles containing imagination and books.

The idea was that the bubble would burst and allow all the creativity to fall over others.

As a result, people would have a never-ending love for reading and an endless passion for books.

On top of that, the group decided that, because bubbles are associated with fun, it would represent reading as an activity full of enjoyment and happiness.

The pupils also decided that as reading is universal, the drew the bubbles to look like they were descending over the world and different languages could be used throughout the design.

Head of English at the Talbot Road school Sharon Blackburn said she was delighted with the pupils’ creativity and vision.

She added: “We are a reading school where fostering a love of reading for pleasure is a vital part of the work of all members of our community.

“It is wonderful to have a physical representation that vividly shows why our pupils value reading.”

The recent BBC Radio Two ‘500 Words’ story writing competition also attracted much interest from the pupils with many successful entries being accepted.