Emmy judging date for Joanne

Joanne Azern TV producer
Joanne Azern TV producer

A Lancashire lass who followed her dream to the Big Apple has been chosen as a judge for one of America’s most prestigious award ceremonies.

Joanne Azern, from Lytham, attended the University of Central Lancashire to study Broadcast Journalism and moved to New York City to pursue a dream of becoming a television producer after she graduated.

Ten years later and with a string of award winning documentary and reality series, the 34-year-old has been selected to judge the News and Documentary awards of the prestigious Emmys, held in September later this year.

Joanne said: “I have sort of come full circle because the first every programme I worked on was nominated for an Emmy and now I’m sitting on the judging panel.”

Joanne has directed, shot, written, edited and supervised programs for The Discovery Channel, MTV, National Geographic, and History Channel, among others.

She added: “I am excited about the judging.

“The great thing about this city is that it is a real melting pot of people, everyone is from everywhere.

“It is very rare that you actually meet anyone from New York.”