'If the bins are full, take your litter home with you' - Litterbugs blasted after Fylde beach shame

Members of a Fylde beach clean group have urged people to remember to pick up their litter after a bank holiday clean up.

Thursday, 31st May 2018, 1:43 pm
Updated Thursday, 31st May 2018, 1:47 pm
Some of the litter volunteers collected over the bank holiday weekend

Volunteers from Fylde LOVEmyBEACH managed to fill nearly 40 bin bags full of rubbish from St Annes beach, with most of the litter coming from bank holiday visitors.

Emma Whitlock, Fylde beach care officer, said: “We meet every Tuesday at 10am, so this was just a normal clean up, rather than for the bank holiday especially.”

The group normally collects rubbish that has been washed up by the tide.

But Emma (inset) said most of the litter dumped on the sand was clearly ‘party rubbish’, and said there were numerous disposable barbecues left behind. She added: “One of our volunteers cut his hand on one of them.

“It is quite treacherous how many of them were left behind.”

“Fylde Council had put out large bins over the weekend but litter was still left.”

“If the bins are full, take your litter home with you.”

The LOVEmyBEACH campaign was set up in 2013 by Keep Britain Tidy and it has received strong support from across the region.

Fylde Council supports the group and helps provide the equipment needed for the clean ups.