Porpoise washed up on Fylde beach

Bernie Reilly, of Bishopsgate, Blackpool
Bernie Reilly, of Bishopsgate, Blackpool

A Blackpool grandfather has spoken of his shock after finding a porpoise washed up on a Fylde coast beach.

Bernie Reilly, of Bishopsgate, Blackpool, said he was walking along the beach near Lytham lifeboat station when he noticed something on the beach.

He said: “I thought it was a log at first but when I got closer I realised it was a dolphin, or a species from the dolphin family.

“It’s a shame it had died, you don’t often see these around here.”

Mr Reilly found the porpose last Wednesday morning.

David McGrath, sustainability manager at the Solaris Centre in South Shore, said marine animals can be seen in the sea off the Fylde coast – but a calm sea and good pair of binoculars helps.

He said: “I’m sure most Fylde residents and visitors are still unaware that our small patch of sea is home to a variety of cetaceans and other large marine animals.

“Most easily and regularly seen are the grey seals which can often be spotted from the Prom without the aid of binoculars. Porpoises, smaller cousins of dolphins are frequently seen but being small, not much bigger than a large dog, a calm sea and binoculars help.”

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