Ex-mayor helps make a splash

Councillor Heather Speak hands the �5,000 cheque to young Fylde Shark Max Cooper.
Councillor Heather Speak hands the �5,000 cheque to young Fylde Shark Max Cooper.
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Disabled youngsters now have close to £6,000 for swimming after Fylde Sharks organisers met last year’s mayor.

The Fylde Sharks mums and dads won support from Coun Heather Speak, Fylde mayor until May, when they explained how they provide swimming sessions for 48 children in St Annes and Kirkham.

Coun Speak ‘adopted’ the Sharks as beneficiaries of her mayoral fund and invited them to the town hall where she presented them with a £5,000 cheque to add to the £991 she handed over earlier in the year.

Coun Speak said: “The Sharks only started three years ago when parents realised that disabled children had very limited swimming facilities in the area.

“Much of the tuition is one-to-one which means the parents have to invest a huge amount of time. I know they have a waiting list of children wanting to swim, but the group is short of teachers – some of whom are volunteers and some of whom are paid. I hope this mayoral fund money will help supply the teachers so that more children can benefit from keeping fit and making new friends at the pool.”

Raising money for charity is a mayoral tradition in Fylde and Coun Speak raised a total of £18,834 in her year.

Other groups to benefit from Coun Speak’s time as mayor included Pinpoint Prostate Cancer, Weeton Camp and a large amount to be used to buy defibrillators for across Fylde.

If you wish to help the Sharks, contact Helen Jenkins for details on 07835 259888.