Fed-up wife auctions bike

Triumph Bike being sold by Alison Raynor, wife of Tony, pictured, in St Annes
Triumph Bike being sold by Alison Raynor, wife of Tony, pictured, in St Annes

The disgruntled wife of a motorbike fanatic has become an internet sensation after uploading a sarcasm-laden advert on auction site eBay to sell the “selfish” partner’s pride and joy.

Alison Raynor, whose online rant has attracted comments from around the world and bids of up to £10,000, said she hopes to get the lounge “pimped with the proceeds”.

The 48-year-old, who lives in Clifton Drive South, St Annes, issued a sale notice on the auction website for partner Tony’s Triumph Rocket III Roadster.

The description read: “My husband’s 300 brake horsepower monster cruiser is up for sale.

“This supercharged and intercooled Rocket III Roadster comes with a free set of ear plugs in case you want to retain your hearing.

“I would advise married men not to bother with these so as to quell the screams of their soon-to-be ex-wives.”

Her parting shot to would-be buyers said: “Message me and I will reply with the imbecile’s phone number so that you can speak your endless drivel together.”

The unusual advert has attracted a great deal of interest and the listing on eBay has more than 2,600 views and 161 interested buyers keeping an eye on it.

One comment said: “Quite an amusing ad. Let’s be honest now, wives don’t usually know the first thing about the bloke’s bike, let alone where he got the paint done.”

Another said: “Best written advert I have seen on eBay. Made me laugh so much I woke my wife up! Hope you get what you want for it.”

One reader posted: “I just wanted to say thank you for creating and posting such an awesome listing. It made my day. Good luck selling the bike and pimping your kitchen.”

Alison revealed she has been bombarded with marriage proposals from around the world after posting the ad.

“I think some men think I’m this tyrant, which I’m not.

“Others seem to think it’s hilarious and have said if it doesn’t work out with Tony, I can marry them.

“I see it as a bit of fun and the bike has always been a running joke between me and Tony.

“I hate the thing and I refer to it as the ‘other woman’.”

Telecoms boss Tony, who bought the motorbike four years ago for £12,000 and has spent a further £12,000 on extras, said: “I eat, sleep and drink that bike and I’ll really miss it but Alison has been going on at me for years about it so I suppose I’ve caved under the pressure.

“I love getting in from work and going out on my bike to wind down and switch off but and now the money can be spent on other things.”