‘Feedback vital’ over extended town parking

90 minute parking in St Annes
90 minute parking in St Annes
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A county councillor has added her voice to appeals for public feedback on new parking time limits in St Annes town centre.

Waiting times were extended from 60 to 90 minutes last month on an 18-month trial basis after a long campaign - and traders’ representatives have already stressed the importance of making the benefits of the new limits clear to highways chiefs at Lancashire County Council if the 90-minute deadline is to be made permanent.

Now, Fabian Craig-Wilson, who respresents St Annes South at County Hall has added to the call for as much reaction as possible from businesses and shoppers.

She said: “We need to keep a record of proof that extended hours are making a difference.

“I am asking both our residents and our traders to write letters and emails showing that the extended waiting times are working, because the more the County Council receives, the better our chances of keeping extended parking times.” “We have worked so hard for so many years to achieve better on street parking in our town centre. Let’s make sure that we keep it.”

Chamber of Trade chairman John Moxham said: “The time extension allows for more browsing time and make a key difference for customers but it is vital that everyone tells the county council what they think about it to try and ensure the experiment is a success.”