Flashing sign bid to boost safety at danger junction

A new flashing stop sign has been installed in a bid to improve safety at a St Annes danger junction.

Friday, 25th March 2016, 10:00 am
County Coun Peter Buckley at the new flashing stop sign at the junction of St Leonard's Road East with St David's Road North, St Annes

The intersection of St Leonard’s Road East and St David’s Road North has been the scene of many accidents over the years, including a near-fatal collision in August 2014.

The flashing sign is the result of a long campaign to improve safety on the approach to the junction for County Coun Peter Buckley, who represents the area at County Hall. He said: “The safety of motorists and pedestrians at this junction has been a priority of mine since I was elected three years ago.

“It is a notorious accident blackspot and collisions have been reported over many years, particularly involving vehicles travelling westward on St Leonards Road East.

“Several years ago, I managed to secure funding for some bollards around the junction to prevent illegal parking but ever since the collision in summer 2014 I have been working with local councillors and LCC Highways to look at other alternatives for improving the safety of the junction.

“Options considered included traffic lights, speed humps and blocking the road off completely but LCC Highways recommended a flashing stop sign and after much lobbying and repeated requests for funds, I was assured last year that these improvements would take place.

“It has taken a frustratingly long time to get the new sign installed but I hope it will now help to alert drivers of the approaching junction and go some way to prevent any future serious injury or accident.”

Ward councillor Tony Ford said: “This is great news and can only make this junction safer for everyone. Other measures such as changing the colour of the road surface, adding backgrounds to the STOP signs and realigning the centre line have helped but this flashing warning sign cannot be missed by motorists approaching the junction from St. Leonard’s Road East.

“We are grateful for the input County Coun Buckley has had in pursuing the installation of the sign.

“With the massive cuts to funding that Lancashire County Council has suffered, it’s good that they have been able to recognise this installation as a priority.“

Town councillor Carol Lanyon, who first suggested such a warning sign some years ago after seeing numerous accidents at the junction, said: “This has been a long time coming and we’ve had to campaign hard to get LCC to finally install this sign which may in the future save a life.”