Fly-tip catchers

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DISCREET cameras are being installed at fly-tipping hotspots in a bid to drive the scourge of dumped rubbish out of Fylde.

Fly-tipping incidents are running at around 30 a month, creating eyesores in places such as car-parks and lay-bys and Fylde Council’s environmental health officers say they have had enough, and will install cameras to catch out the culprits.

Most dumping is done by unlicensed waste carriers, but the council is reminding householders that they too have a duty of care in ensuring that people they pay to take rubbish away have a waste carrier’s licence.

Philip Dent, principal officer environmental protection, said: “Fylde is a beautiful borough and we are working hard to keep it that way.

“Whenever we find fly-tipped waste we examine it to try to find out where it has come from.

“We are now stepping up the fight by installing small cameras at known hotspots.

“The cameras can be there for days. They are triggered by movement – so we get a picture of the miscreant and, hopefully, of the vehicle they use.

“There is no excuse for householders to fly-tip as they can dispose of their waste at the Saltcotes Household Waste Recycling Centre in Lytham.

“Paid fly-tippers are a bigger problem as they turn up and offer to remove waste cheaply – and simply dump it in the countryside. Even so, householders do have a responsibility as they should ask to see the waste carrier’s licence.

“If the contractor doesn’t have a licence, the householder should find someone who does. Unlicensed fly-tippers can face large fines but householders who contracted them can also be punished.”

Recent incidents have included dumped settees, bin bags and tonnes of discarded building rubble.

One recent case involved a business owner who was given a £300 fixed penalty notice after employing a fly-tipper to dispose of rubbish.

The business owner had not checked that the tipper had a licence.