Fun day kicks off store’s cash drive for Guides’ HQ

Artist's impression of Kilgrimol Girlguiding Centre, St Annes
Artist's impression of Kilgrimol Girlguiding Centre, St Annes
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A drive to raise thousands of pounds to help fund a state-of-the art new Girl Guides’ centre in St Annes has been given a major boost.

The Girlguiding Kilgrimol fund has been chosen as the new charity partner of Sainsbury’s store in the town - and the association gets under way on Sunday with a family fun day on the store’s rooftop car park.

Sainsbury’s Local Charity scheme is now in its seventh year as a national initiative by the retail giant and nationally more than £7 million has bene raised to support local charities since 2009.

Over the past 12 months, Sainsbury’s St Anne’s raised £3,486 for the St Annes-based Adult Support and Outreach Services and store manager David Grayson said: “Our customers and colleagues got involved with a number of fund-raising activities and we’d like to thank everyone at Adult Support and Outreach Services for making it such a brilliant partnership.

“Now, we’re really looking forward to working with the Girl Guides over the next year and the team have some great ideas for fund-raising.

“We hope our support will make a real difference to the charity, and customers enjoy the variety of activities we are planning.”

The Girlguiding Association wants to transform its current centre at Leach Lane, St Annes into an ultra-modern base with an activity room, kitchen, dining room, office and lift on the ground floor, with seven bedrooms on the second floor totalling 28 beds.

Planning permission has been applied for and it is hoped it will be ready for use within five years, offering a base for various community groups as well as the hundreds of local Girl Guides.

Sue Allen, chairman of the Kilgrimol Centre management committee, said it was expected that the project would cost around £750,000, a proportion of which would hopefully covered by grants but with much needed to be raised by the community.

She said: ““The existing Girlguiding Kilgrimol Centre has suffered many instances of flooding. The structure is poorly insulated and has limited potential for future expansion; the costs and practicality of running this building outweigh the reasons for ensuring the security of its future.

“People have been very supportive so far but the charity partnership with Sainsbury’s is a major boost as it increases awareness in the local community as well as helping to actually generate funds.

“We are looking forward to a very successful year and we are very grate to Sainsbury’s and their customers for their support.”

Sunday’s family fun day runs from 12.30 to 3.30pm and will include games, stalls, a bouncy castle, cakes, refreshments and plenty more.