Fylde celebrities share their new year’s resolutions

Shelly Woods
Shelly Woods
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WE’VE opened our presents, eaten too much and fully indulged in the traditions of Christmas.

So now it’s time to get our thinking caps on, and decide what will be our new year’s resolution.

They’re long thought out – and seldom adhered to – but even Blackpool’s celebrities have taken the time to put their thinking caps on and decide what they will change about themselves for 2013.

This year, Paralympic athlete Shelly Woods, from Layton, said she hoped the games, both the Olympics and the Paralympics, had inspired the nation to take up sport as a new year’s resolution.

She added: “I’ve been to a few schools since I’ve been home to show the kids my medal, and it’s astounding that children who aren’t in wheelchairs are asking how they can get into wheelchair racing. It’s amazing.”

And as for her own goal for the new year, Shelly plans to hold off on the chocolate.

She said: “I think everybody goes on a diet at New Year. I’ve tried not to go too heavy at Christmas so I don’t have to work too hard to burn it off.

“It terms of a resolution, mine would probably be to not eat as much chocolate. It’s definitely my weakness.”

Also planning to use the new year to stop eating junk food is this year’s Miss Blackpool, Kim Braithwaite.

She said: “I think I’ll probably stop eating so much pizza and stuff like that and have more of a balanced diet. I need to stop eating takeaways and be more healthy.”

Kim, of Newton Drive, Blackpool, has a busy 2013 ahead, as not only will she be busy representing the resort in her glamorous role, she has also just started her own pet products business.

TV star Hayley Tamaddon said her plan for changes in the new year was simple.

She said: “To not eat as much chocolate. But also to have a happy and successful year. That’s all really.”

Boxing champion Brian Rose said his plan was to stay fit and healthy.

He said: “When I am in shape I diet really hard, and if I stray from that it is really difficult when I go back into training.”

The British champion has a busy year ahead of him as he prepares for European, and even world honours.

He added: “It is going to be a big year for me.”

Dancing on Ice star Dan Whiston also plans a healthier 2013, and hopes to use the New Year as a platform for eating more vegetables.

But he also plans to spend less money on new cars.

He said: “I need to stop changing my car all the time. I am addicted to cars and I spend so much money.”

Dan says because of television shows like ITV’s Dancing on Ice and the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, people were turning to ballroom dancing and figure skating.

He added: “What happens when shows go on TV like Strictly and Dancing on Ice is people get bitten by the bug. It’s a good way for people to get fit and to learn a new skill. I certainly hope people start taking up skating and dancing.”

But one person who won’t be taking up a new hobby or watching what he eats is Blackpool FC chairman Karl Oyston.

He said: “I try to avoid new year’s resolutions because you always break them anyway.

“I just live how I want to live all the time rather than try to make one big change.

“There’s no point in getting too far down that line and thinking of something ridiculous as your resolution, that doesn’t work.”