Fylde scene graces royal palace wall

AN LS Lowry painting of a Fylde setting can be found in a famous establishment – Clarence House.

A Fylde Farm by LS Lowry is in one of the rooms at the palace, the former residence of the Queen Mother.

Grace Benson, of Lytham, contacted The Express last week after reading about the Regent Road painting.

She had recently been on a trip to the London palace, where she saw a Lowry painting of a Fylde scene.

She said: “We went on a tour of Clarence House and in one of the rooms there was a Lowry painting.

“When I saw the picture in the paper I immediately thought it was of the one shown last week – it certainly looks like it!”

The picture seen by Mrs Benson at the palace, which is now the official London residence of The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, was painted by Lowry in 1943.

A spokesman for the Royal Collection said: “There is a painting by Lowry in the Morning Room in Clarence House which visitors would see on the tour, called A Fylde Farm.

“It was purchased by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, on April 5, 1945.”

She added: “Alexander Reid of the Reid and Lefevre Gallery gave Lowry a show in 1939.

“It was from his second exhibition at that gallery in 1943 that Her Majesty purchased this painting.”