Gifts galore as parents step in

Parents have donated more than 50 children's gifts to Poppy and Jacks nursery as part of the Gazette's Give a Gift appeal.

Thursday, 15th December 2016, 12:00 pm
Katie Simmons and Sarah Nuttall from the nursery with Nicci Hayes from Blue Skies and children Jesse Neary, Ralph Ingle, Sonny Reidy and Lily Elgendy

This generosity, along with the donation of “hundreds of pounds worth” of toys from Smyths, means that every child in hospital, this Christmas, will have a present to open.

The likes of books and toys were donated, with three Santa sacks being filled, to be handed out on the Children’s Ward and Children’s A&E.

Sarah Nuttall, from Poppy and Jacks said: “All the parents donated a gift. We put it on the door to promote it and all their children brought gifts in.

“I was going to do it myself anyway, but after speaking to the manager, I spoke to the Vic and they put me towards Blue Skies.

“I’ve had a few friends who’ve had children in the Children’s Ward recently and I always like to do something towards helping children.

“It was just something to make someone else’s Christmas a little bit better.”

Katie Simmons, manager at Poppy and Jacks added: “Sarah decided that she wanted to give a little back to other children who weren’t as fortunate as ours.

“It was a nice thing for our children to think about.”

Nicci Hayes, fundraising officer at Blue Skies’, the hospital’s charity, is very thankful.

“We’re really grateful because it’ll make a massive difference for the children in hospital over Christmas.” She said.

“For those in A&E it could be an accident they’ve had on Christmas Eve so it’s nice to give them a present as well.

“Now because of the amount the likes of Poppy and Jacks and Smyths have given us, it makes sure that every child in hospital on Christmas Day will get a present.”

However, the appeal is still very short on presents for elderly patients, with a further 300 needed to ensure nobody is left empty handed.

Nicci added: “We’re covered for toys but we do need lots more ladies and men’s gifts. But we are really pleased and impressed with the amount that we’ve got so far.”

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