Grant hope so town can have a pier

COULD Lytham Pier be about to make a comeback after 40 years?

A proposal has been put forward to rebuild the pier in all its Victorian splendour.

Coun Richard Fulford-Brown and other Conservative councillors are looking into grant-funding opportunities to resurrect the pier.

The pier was built in 1865, but in 1903 a gale drove barges into the central part and it was further destroyed by a fire in 1927.

It was shut down in 1938 and demolished in the 1960s despite a petition signed by 2,593 people.

Now Coun Fulford-Brown would like it sympathetically rebuilt, perhaps with the old flower hall.

It flies in the face of another bid to resurrect the pier by Lytham architect Joel Firth, who has proposed to build a 10m modern eco-friendly boardwalk with a viewing station for birds on the estuary.

Coun Fulford-Brown said: “The 1960s were a strange period when all sorts of buildings were knocked down.

“I think it would be a lot more difficult to just get rid of the pier nowadays. I think it is worth looking into getting a grant for a Lytham pier. We are one of the only seaside resorts in the country without a pier.”

And he added: “I don’t think we want a huge commercial venture here. But these little attractions make the town more interesting for residents and visitors.

“I think we should start looking to some old photos to see how it could be restored.”

But Lytham St Annes Civic Society is still opposing any development on The Green.

Chairman Marion Coupe said: “We oppose any commercial development. People can get that in Blackpool. I don’t think Lytham is short of visitors is it? I think we should be protecting the town centre, not moving people away from it by building a pier.”