Green bin fee on the cards for resort

Residents in Blackpool may still be able to have their garden waste collected in future '“ but only if they pay.

Monday, 7th March 2016, 10:44 am
Updated Monday, 7th March 2016, 10:46 am
Blackpools green bin collections may continue for an additional charge to residents - like the scheme in Wyre

Along with other authorities, the council is scrapping its free green waste collections in the coming weeks.

Wyre and Preston councils have already announced people will have to pay an annual fee of £30 if they wish to retain a fortnightly collection of garden rubbish.

Blackpool Council said it was still considering the options including a similar subscription service.

Deputy council leader Coun Gillian Campbell said; “In order to save £300,000 in the next financial year it has been decided to cease the green waste collection service.

“Although 56,000 households have a green bin the majority aren’t used on a regular basis

“As an alternative, residents will be able to put green waste in their grey bin, take it to the Bristol Avenue tip or they may choose to use a composting bin.

“We are also looking at the feasibility of introducing a subscription service like many other local authorities where residents can continue with the fortnightly collection of green waste for a small fee.

“As soon as the plans are finalised we make sure residents have all the information they need.”

Around 7,000 tonnes of green waste is collected in Blackpool each year.

Any of the green waste collection bins which are no longer used will be collected by the council and re-used as general waste bins.

Residents will be informed of when their green waste collection is ending closer to the time. Wyre’s new subscription service comes into effect on May 1.

Coun David Henderson, cabinet member with responsibility for recycling at Wyre Council, said: “Like many other local authorities across the country, the council can no longer afford to provide this non statutory service without introducing a charge.”

£30 charge for Wyre collection

Wyre Council’s new subscription service for green waste comes into effect from May 1.

The deadline for residents to subscribe and pay for the new service is April 15 to meet the first collection.

Residents wishing to subscribe to the service will pay an annual fee of £30 per collection. A reduced fee of £25 applies to any additional green bins registered. For more information residents should look out for the leaflet delivered to all households.

Wyre Council has provided a free green waste service to more than 47,000 homes since 1999, but can no longer afford to provide the service without a charge.

Coun David Henderson, cabinet member with responsibility for recycling at Wyre Council, said: “We have had no choice but to look at changing how we operate due to Lancashire County Council ending a cost sharing agreement, resulting in a loss of £980,000 to Wyr.”

Residents can still register after the April 15 deadline but they may miss collections.

As part of this change food waste can no longer be placed in your green bin. The indoor facilities required for the safe composting of mixed food and garden waste will no longer be available. Only garden waste can be accepted as it will be composted at an outdoor facility. Food waste should be placed in resident’s grey bins or home composted.

Anyone not wanting to subscribe to the new green waste scheme can either compost their green waste at home or take it to one of the Household Waste Recycling centres operated by Lancashire County Council.