Have a say on village future

An aerial view of Warton
An aerial view of Warton

Every resident of Warton is being urged to share their views on plans which could see the size of the village 

A Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, established by the Bryning with Warton Parish Council, is staging a full afternoon of consultation at Warton Village Hall from 3pm to 9pm on Thursday.

Warton faces the prospect of the development of 1,200 houses.

A spokesman for the steering group said: “If Warton is to expand over the coming years, it is essential that it does so in ways which benefit the village socially, economically and 

“The Neighbourhood Plan is an important document which will influence the size, scope and nature of the 
development of Warton over the coming years.

“Once the Neighbourhood Plan is written, inspected and approved, it becomes a document which has a powerful role to play when Fylde Council receives and duly considers planning applications in Warton.”

The more people who contribute to the plan, the better the views of the community will be heard.

Coun Julie Brickles said: “There will be maps, diagrams and photographs to look 
at and every opportunity 
for people to comment.

“This is an informal event with complimentary refreshments on offer.

“Members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will be available to talk to visitors and will guarantee to record all views and opinions and ensure that these contribute to the next stages in writing the plan.”

Later in the year, the residents of the village will have further opportunities to comment on the Neighbourhood Plan as it gets nearer to