Don’t gamble with your health

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Men tend to drag their feet when it comes to health care, but ignoring medical concerns can lead to bigger problems in the future, according to one Lytham-based pharmacist.

As part of Men’s Health Week, starting Monday, Medicx Pharmacy Lytham is urging women to speak to their partner about any health problems they may have, and encourage them to seek professional advice.

“Women may joke about men complaining of ‘man flu,’ but when it comes to more serious health problems, men are often too shy or embarrassed to seek help,” said Lisa Fothergill, Lytham Pharmacy manager.

“Whether it’s smoking cessation, weight management or cholesterol testing, we find that men are less likely than women to take advantage of the services that we offer.

“But this reluctance to seek medical advice means that any conditions individuals are suffering from will become more advanced – and more difficult to treat.”

“Many of the most serious men’s health problems such as prostate cancer, skin cancer, diabetes and heart problems, can be more successfully treated if detected early,” Lisa added.

“Losing weight, cutting down on alcohol and stopping smoking all reduce the risk of potentially serious health problems too.”

“As well as being too embarrassed or scared, one of the main reasons why men put off seeking medial attention is that they can’t get an appointment and don’t want to take any time off work.

“At Medicx Pharmacy you don’t need an appointment, you can just pop in for confidential, free advice and support. We also have a private consultation room and if your man is too embarrassed, we also offer anonymity, which some men may prefer,” said Lisa.

To find out more about the services available at Medicx Pharmacy Lytham, please contact the team on (01253) 737695 or visit the practice situated in Lytham Primary Care Centre.